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Hot chocolate supplies in Cumbria

We have gone far and wide to source our great hot chocolate blends! English Lakes Tea & Coffee Company in Kendal are the proud suppliers of the Kokoa Collection hot chocolate and deliver in Cumbria, Lancashire and throughout the UK

Hot Chocolates we know you'll love!

Kokoa Collection is an award-winning hot chocolate and is a firm favourite for the hot chocolate connoisseur. Versatile, easy to use and with the unique tablet style, the Kokoa Collection guarantees drink consistency and their own unique flavour every time.
white chocolate
 Ivory Coast is a delicious white hot chocolate, sweet and creamy with natural vanilla from Madagascar. 

Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa beans globally. For the white hot chocolate, we have selected their cocoa butter from the Forastero beans for a smooth creamy texture. We only use natural vanilla in our production for a delicious flavour that was recognised with a Silver Award by the Academy of Chocolate.

dark choclate
Venezuela is a light hot chocolate with 58 per cent cocoa, light and sweet with fruity notes.

The Venezuelan cocoa we use for this hot chocolate are a mix of two varieties Criollo and Trinitario beans. They are selected from three quite beautiful regions - Sucre, Sur de Lago and Barlovento. Academy of Chocolate, Bronze Award winner.

Chocolates from Ecuador
Ecuador is a delicate hot chocolate with 70 per cent cocoa.

With a perfectly balanced flavour it has floral notes. For many, Ecuador produces the best chocolate in the world. We have selected their wonderful Arriba Nacional beans for our hot chocolate. At 70 per cent, it is perfectly balanced bittersweet where the two flavours meet giving a delightful hot chocolate recognised by the Great Taste Award.

hot chocolate
Rich hot chocolate with flavour notes of 'roasted hazelnuts'.

Dame Marie is on the western tip of Haiti. By sourcing our cocoa direct from the farmers with an increased subsidy we are helping support the local area.
2015 GOLD Award Winner at the Academy of Chocolate and Gold Star at Great Taste Awards.

£17.00 per kilo
English Lakes Tea and Coffee Company - Kokoa Collection hot chocolate supplied throughout Cumbria and Lancashire
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